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training package on the co-existence of dementia and domestic abuse

A short film, guidance on how to safety plan in cases of dementia, what legal protections are available and how practitioners can rapidly respond and engage with victim-survivors 

Practitioner Guidance Second edition

Trawsnewid yr 'Ymateb i Drais yn y Cartref Ymysg Pobl Hÿn: Canllaw Ymarferwyr
Transforming the response to domestic abuse in later life: practitioner Guidance

sos: Supporting older survivors

In collaboration with Solace Women’s Aid

Domestic abuse and older people in sheltered and retirement housing

In collaboration with Erosh

The forgotten victim-survivors

Trais a Chamdriniaeth yn y Cartref yn nghyswllt Pobl Hyn
DewisChoice Adapted Duluth Wheel
Canolfan Astudio Heneiddio, Cam-drin ac Esgeuluso
DewisChoice Safety Planning Toolkit
Protection of Older People In Wales
Supporting The Needs Of Older People