current projects

Current projects at the Centre examine the following research areas: Intersectionality, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence across the Life Course; Elder Abuse and Justice Mechanisms; the Co-existence of Dementia and Domestic Abuse; LGBTQ+ Help-seeking and Help-providing; and Investigating Safeguarding-related Abuse in Care Homes.

Funded by UK Portfolio 'Accelerating Ideas' Programme

A Project by Dewis Choice

Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse in Later Life

This twelve-month programme aims to work with community groups and academics in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England to develop context-specific initiatives drawing on the co-production techniques developed by the Dewis Choice team.

The qualitative study uses narrative interviewing to capture the ‘lived experiences’ of older men and women who experience abuse from intimate partners and/or family members. The findings from the study have been used to inform research, policy and practice both locally and internationally. Practitioner Guidance, two short LGBTQ+ films and training has been developed. These resources address significant gaps in knowledge, service provision and research about people who experience domestic abuse in later life.

The findings of this research are used to inform a UK-wide initiative, 'Transforming the response to domestic abuse in later life’.

This is the first research project in the UK to look at the co-existence of dementia and domestic abuse using prospective longitudinal methods. The study will employ qualitative research to assess the value of adopting a strength-based intervention to create ‘expanded space for action’.  The intervention will entail designing and evaluating ‘rapid engagement response’ with the client/family to increase a sense of ‘social embeddedness’ and build social capital. In addition, it will examine ways in which legal measures can be used to protect and safeguard older people. The research findings will develop new legal guidance on safety and enhancing the quality of life for older people where dementia and domestic abuse co-exist.

Additional funding was obtained as part of the Comic Relief Covid-19 Emergency Fund: ‘Creating safer spaces and building social connectivity during CV19 for older victim-survivors of domestic abuse where dementia co-exists’

This study is led by partners working in communities in Malaysia, supported by Sarah Wydall and an Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor. The study will develop community-designed interventions for the benefit of Indian Minority women, girls and families experiencing domestic violence and abuse. The dominant view is that Indian women whose homes were marked as ‘troubled’ (where gendered violence took place) carried a ‘bad spirit’ thus women experience victim-blaming. These communities have been resistant to Government-led initiatives that reinforce stereotypes about their neighbourhoods. However, this research aims to use co-produced approaches that promote a sense of ownership. The target group is a Malaysian Indian Neighbourhood that experiences multiple levels of deprivation. More broadly, qualitative data drawn from the stakeholder workshops in Malaysia may help to inform the development of future community-led interventions aimed at tackling gendered harms in severely marginalised communities

Funded by The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

Investigating The Safeguarding Related Abuse of Older People in Care Homes

The research focuses on safeguarding-related abuse in regulated care homes and NHS hospitals.