Do You See Me?

‘Do You See Me?’ is a short film co-produced by victim-survivors from the LGBTQ+ community. This film provides an insight into domestic abuse from the ‘lived experiences’ of four older people.

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In this episode, Iona from Oasis talks with Sarah Wydall and Elize Freeman from Dewis Choice – The Centre for Age Gender and Social Justice about domestic abuse and older people. We get an insight into the campaigning the organisation undertakes to challenge assumptions, and the pervasive ageism that often leads to victims in later life being unseen and therefore unsupported. Domestic abuse happens across the life course.

The Oasis podcast ‘Perspectives: Uncovering Domestic Abuse’ gets under the umbrella term ‘domestic abuse’. We speak to survivors, trauma experts and members of our community as we seek to reveal the broad range of increasingly diverse issues that are encompassed by this ‘one-size-fits-all’ term, dissecting and debating the issue, from all perspectives.

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