White Ribbon Day 2023

The White Ribbon is a symbol for ending men’s violence against women and girls, but White Ribbon Day can mean many things for different people. It’s a day for reflection; it’s making a pledge to take responsibility and action to make a positive difference to the lives of women and girls.

Forgotten Victims Toolkit

Our Toolkit on Domestic Abuse and the Co-existence of Dementia 

Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse in Later Life

Our Practitioner Guidance is endorsed by the World Health Organisation and The Older People’s Commissioner For Wales as best practice.

Adapted Duluth Wheel

Click below to download Dewis Choice’s new adapted Duluth Wheel.

Safety Planning Toolkit

Click below to download Dewis Choice’s new adapted Duluth Wheel.

SOS: Supporting Older Survivors

In Collaboration with Solace Women’s Aid

Domestic Abuse and Older People in Sheltered and Retirement Housing

In Collaboration with Erosh

Film and Podcasts

Out Of Sight is a unique podcast that explores the experiences of older victim-survivors of domestic abuse from their own voices. 

Watch the full episodes by clicking HERE 


Do You See Me?

Directed by Christian Gordine and produced by Dewis Choice. This film highlights the lived experiences of older LGBTQ+ victim survivors.

Hidden Voice Practitioner Film

Our Film demonstrating Practitioners’ Perspectives on Working With older LGBTQ+ Victim-Survivors of Domestic Abuse

The Forgotten Victim-Survivors

A Film Highlighting Our Research On Domestic Abuse with the Co-Existence of Dementia. 

Centre For Age Gender and Social Justice
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