Picture Yourself Making a Difference: Stand Together in Ending Violence Against Women and Girls!

We would like to invite you and your society or department to be part of a meaningful photography project as we approach White Ribbon Day.

The White Ribbon is a symbol for ending men’s violence against women and girls (VAWG), but White Ribbon Day can mean many things for different people. It’s a day for reflection; it’s making a pledge to take responsibility and action to make a positive difference to the lives of women and girls.

About the photography project

Embrace your creativity and get moving! Use your amazing human forms or any society props you can find to spell out a letter for White Ribbon Day. We'll collect your photos and create an awesome collage poster that spells out the message loud and clear: White Ribbon Day and “Diwrnod y Rhuban Gwyn”.
To make a significant impact, we invite all to participate in this activity, and if 35 groups take part, we will be able to spell out Aberystwyth University White Ribbon Day.

Express Yourself!

In this project, we encourage you to express your thoughts, feelings and hopes through photography. You can focus on visual storytelling or any artistic form that speaks to you.

Your involvement will help us shed light on the importance of unity and the role each of us plays in combating VAWG. Here are a few examples of how you can spell out a letter.

Where do I sign up!?

If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP by Wednesday 8th November to confirm your participation. We will provide further details, guidelines, consent forms and any necessary equipment for those who need it. Together, we can create a powerful visual narrative that resonates with our community. Should you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at car62@aber.ac.uk. I can’t wait to hear from you all! I work on Thursdays and Fridays and will get back to you as soon as possible. Best wishes, Cara Rainbow

Talking about domestic abuse, gender-based workplace harassment and sexual assault is understandably difficult. Whether you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence yourself, or you’re supporting someone who has, you will find information here about reporting options and where to go for further advice. https://reportandsupport.aber.ac.uk For free confidential advice and support for domestic abuse, sexual violence or violence against women you can contact the Live Fear Free 24 hour helpline on: 0808 80 10 800 or access live chat at: https://welshwomensaid.org.uk/what-we-do/live-fear-free-helpline/

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